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When to Call Medical Emergency Services

Knowing whether medical symptoms needs an emergency call or a trip to the emergency department can be hard or confusing. Patients mostly are afraid to call or think if their medical complaints are not really that severe for emergency care providers. You actually are not really bothering anyone. The fact is, emergency medical technicians are there in order to respond to medical emergencies and the emergencies are being defined by patients rather than the responders.

Symptoms Where the Brain is Involved

Medical conditions that cause changes in the brain function to have to be considered as an emergency or needs to be treated. When our head is broken, everything is going to break down.

Breathing Issues

It’s normal if we end up being short of breath from exercise, but if the feeling comes without any reason, this can be really scary. Sometimes, patients don’t really know breathing emergencies. One example, in this case, is choking where it does not really require to always be called to emergency services right away. However, when the choking patient is unconscious, less oxygen is left in the bloodstream.

There are different causes of shortness of breath. Some problems that could lead to breathing problems would be pneumonia, heart attacks, asthma, emphysema, and pneumothorax. Allergic reactions sometimes also could cause problems of breathing.

Heart Issues

Heart attacks sometimes feel like indigestion or like experiencing the worst pain ever. Heart attacks sometimes come with no pain and only causes a weak heart that leads to the shortness of breath or a passing out. If ever you feel some pain in the chest, especially when nothing that you do helps to make you feel better, you should consider this as a medical emergency. The fact is, women don’t always feel the symptoms of a heart attack the same way with men. Sometimes, they don’t even feel pain in their chest.

Serious Bleeding

Small bleedings are truly no big deal, but with serious bleeding, it can become life-threatening. A good thing about it is that it’s really not hard to control the bleeding. Elevations and pressure are sometimes not just enough in stopping most cuts and unusual steps of pressure points mostly takes care of the rest.

Unsure? Get Help

There are some emergencies sometimes which are common sense. Some of the emergencies, in fact, are less obvious. It’s for the reason why most emergency medical service providers don’t expect every patient to know which are considered emergencies and which are not. Some of the health issues come with life-changing consequences when not quickly treated and there are also some situations that just end up minor. But when you are experiencing a medical emergency, never hesitate calling medical emergency services.

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